Lecture at Alfrink College with LGBTI Rights Activist, Renate

On October 11th, Shelter City guest and human rights defender from Indonesia, Renate, spoke at Alfrink College to a group of students learning about human rights.

Renate dedicates her life to defending and spreading awareness about LGBTI rights in Indonesia, contributing to strengthening local solidarity within her community.

During the lectures, Renate spoke of the current situation in Indonesia for the LGBTI community, what her organisation does to better the situation, and how the students of Alfrink College can be change makers in their own communities.

“Our goal is so that all young people can have a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.”

Renate encouraged the students of Alfrink College to be change makers in their own communities. Her words of advice for the students were to “be an ally, be a friend, and a listener, and be an ‘upstander’, not a bystander”.

Alfrink College will be assisting Justice and Peace in making the 2017 Human Rights Tulip video that will be played during the ceremony in December. The Human Rights Tulip Award is an award given by the Dutch government to an individual or organisation that promotes and defends human rights in innovative ways.

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