Zwolle becomes a Shelter City

Zwolle is the ninth Dutch city that is participating in our Shelter City Network. The city will relocate one Human Rights Defender a year who is being threatened in his or her home country.

Shelter City matches with the democratic and international identity of Zwolle.

“As we know, Thorbecke, born in our city of Zwolle, is the founding father of the parliamentary democracy. Zwolle traditionally has also had a strong connection with the theme of democracy. Democracy and human rights go hand in hand. With Shelter City Zwolle can concretely contribute to the empowerment of Human Rights Defenders from other parts of the world where respect for human rights is not self-evident”  – municipality of Zwolle

When the first Human Rights Defender will arrive in Zwolle has yet to be determined.

The municipality of Zwolle takes a coordinating and facilitating role and will work closely with the Windesheim Honours College and several companies and organizations in the city.


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