Watch: documentary ‘Voice From The Ground’

The documentary ‘ Voice From The Ground’, tells the story of Zar Ali Khan Afridi. Zar Ali is a human right defender from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in Pakistan. After graduating from university, Zar Ali realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to the protection of the people of FATA. He had an aim to change the living conditions that people in FATA face because of the ruthless and barbaric system that is prominent in the area. In the documentary Zar Ali describes what it is like to work as a human rights defender under challenging circumstances.

In FATA, human right defenders and other social and political activists are being targeted by state and non-state actors because they are a threat to the current regime. Zar Ali experienced this himself when he found himself in a series of terrific events. Zar Ali was relocated to Shelter City Haarlem in 2017. During his period of relocation Zar Ali was able to obtain some necessary rest and recover from his long strife for human rights. His stay gave him the possibility to reflect on his human rights work. Furthermore, he broadened his network by meeting with other human rights defenders and human rights organizations. The documentary shows Zar Ali’s life in relocation in Haarlem.

The documentary was created by Doculab. Doculab is a community of documentary makers that have a connection with the city of Haarlem. The documentary is also powered by Justice and Peace, de Pletterij and Vluchtelingenwerk West en Midden-Nederland. The documentary can be watched here.