The Hague Defenders Days 2016

First edition of new The Hague festival

From 5 – 10 Justice and Peace The Netherlands organised the first edition of the The Hague Defenders Days 2016 festival.


During these days together with many people Justice and Peace celebrated the International Human Rights Defenders Day and the International Human Rights Day with a photo exhibition, film screening, University Talk, debate and the Human Rights Ball. This variety of activities underlined the fact that We are all human rights defenders. People could meet with local and international human rights defenders, debate about their rights and beliefs, think out of the box and dance at the Human Rights Ball.

‘So, what is a human rights defender? In different countries and different situations these peaceful actors of change are called rebel, activist, hero, troublemaker, dissident, free spirit, idealist, radical, eccentric, revolutionary, rioter, sometimes even traitor or enemy of the state.’


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