Special visit by the Ukrainian Leadership Academy

On the 12th April, 2019, we welcomed 48 students Ukrainian Leadership Academy to The Hague to exchange information about our respective organisations and projects.

The Ukrainian Leadership Academy is an educational organisation which offers young Ukrainians the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world and the problems faced by humanity before starting their university education. It is designed to prepare the country with skilled and generous leaders of the future, providing the next generation of leaders and decision-makers with physical, emotional and intellectual development to shape their social conscience.

After being given an introduction to their organisation, and to the beauties of their country, we talked to them about our projects and our efforts to improve global human rights by supporting human rights defenders as change makers. This fruitful meeting was a great opportunity not only to share the endeavours of Justice and Peace, but also for us to inspire the next generation of human rights defenders, as testified by the visiting students:

“Friday is definitely the best day for those who have a sunny weekend coming. The reason that we are happy is because we have a lot of meetings. We presented Ukraine and discussed important topics like protection of civil rights and social justice with Justice & Peace

This organization consists of people who care about people who got into a difficult situation. They stand for social justice and are ready to help with accommodation, education and potential development. These are the people who believe that every person was born equal and do everything to defend this status. 

In addition we have to remember that we can defend our rights with the organization or without. The most important things are to know your rights and be brave to stand for them.”

In addition, the current Shelter City The Hague guest gave an impassioned and rousing talk, highlighting the dire situation faced by ethnic minorities in their country. The visitors admired his dangerous work on the front lines of defending human rights, taking inspiration from him about how they can tackle the problems in the Ukraine.

We are hugely grateful for having the opportunity to meet with the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. If you wish to find out more about their organisation, please consult their website: http://www.ual.org.ua/en/