OFFICIAL OPENING: Exhibition Shrinking Space

On Monday, November 13th at 16:00, we will open the exhibition SHRINKING SPACE – the second edition in Justice and Peace’s series #WeAreAllHumanRightsDefenders.

SHRINKING SPACE brings together two exhibitions in Het Nutshuis to shed light on the global crackdown for human rights and human rights defenders. Through the exhibitions, we want to give a voice to people who stand up for the freedom and rights of others.

Justice and Peace worked together with SMX Collective and photographer Nadezhda Titova.

During the opening, SMX Collective will talk about the installation FOOTPRINTS OF MEMORY – Searching for Mexico’s Disappeared. Artists from Colectivo Huellas de la Memoria collected 80 pairs of shoes from people searching for their relatives who, like thousands of others, have disappeared in Mexico and Latin America. The artists carved out their stories in the soles of their shoes as a testimony of their endless search for their loved ones, hindered by a system of resistance and impunity. Human rights defender Lucia from Mexico, a current participant of the Shelter City programme, will talk about her search for her son, who was abducted in 2013. Lucia set up an organization in 2014 to make visible the many disappearances in the state of Veracruz and the negligence of the local and federal authorities.

Nadezhda Titova will tell about her research into censorship in the Russian art world and her photo series, Inoffensive Art, she made in reaction to the self-censorship by artists, theatre and filmmakers in Russia out of fear for arbitrary punishment or attacks. In the exhibition, she lists a series of recent censorship incidents. Her photos of decay in Russian villages reflects the decline in the Russian art world. “Over time, there will be only traces of what was once a thriving creative community”, she says. Human rights defender Maria from Russia, a current participant of the Shelter City fellowship programme, will discuss her work as a human rights lawyer. She is one of the founders of a human rights resource center, providing legal support to Russian NGOs, organizing human rights training programmes for lawyers and doing public campaigns.

The opening ends at 17:00 with a ceremony around the Footprints installation and a drink. Admission is free.

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