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Tino has been documenting different patterns of violations of the rights of sex workers, LGBTI persons and minority groups in Zambia for the last five years. He shares his findings on different platforms to raise awareness about their experiences and amplifies the voices of marginalised individuals. Tino works as the Executive Director for a human rights organisation for key populations. He is responsible for leading and translating the missions, goals and objectives of the organisation into deliverables for the benefit of the community that the organisation represents. Tino has coordinated different national research projects that seeks to highlight the barriers faced in accessing and utilisation of health services faced by the different subgroups of the key populations in Zambia.

About Tino

Human rights violations in Zambia

The current climate in Zambia is very hostile towards the LGBTI community. According to sections 155 to 157 of the Penal Code of Zambia, homosexuality is punishable by 14 years imprisonment. Human rights defenders who have fought against discrimination related to sexual orientation and gender identity have been systematically silenced.[1]

Threats and harassment

Tino has experienced numerous threatening incidents as a result of his human rights work.