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Sohail was unjustly detained for ten years and now dedicates his life to supporting other (former) prisoners. As a Prison Rights Activist he visits detainees and prisons, monitors whether human rights abuses have taken place and supports the families of detainees. Sohail strongly believes that prisons should have a reformative structure and support and prepare detainees for their reintegration into society after they have been released. Sohail’s dream is to start a healing centre in Pakistan for former detainees.

About Sohail

Human rights violations in Pakistan

In Pakistan, human rights defenders and critics of the government are harassed and persecuted[1], and impunity for violence and threats against human rights defenders remains the norm.[2] Moreover, abolition of the death penalty is a very sensitive issue in the Pakistani society and fundamentalist organisations regularly threaten abolitionists.

Threats and challenges

As Sohail stands up for the rights of prisoners and their families he often receives threats.

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[2] Front Line Defenders, Pakistan (2021)

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