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Renate fights for the rights of LGBTI people in Indonesia. She works as a project manager and community organizer for a community-based organization. Together with local and international LGBTI networks, she works on mainstreaming LGBTI issues, building solidarity and reforming public policies. She aims to empower members of the LGBTI community, and on to raise awareness about LGBTI rights. Her latest project tackles the issue of self-acceptance for LGBTI people and seeks to increase the general public’s understanding for sexual and gender diversity in Indonesia.

About Renate

Human rights violations in Indonesia

The Indonesian government identifies the LGBTI community as a threat to national stability. Many LGBTI people are being threatened and harassed by members of the society. Homosexuality is also strongly condemned in inflammatory speeches from religious and government officials and in the media – the National Psychiatric Association even called LGBTI a “mental disorder”.[1] Since January 2016, several laws and amendments to the criminal code have been proposed, which would put LGBTI people and organisations at higher risk.[2]

Threats and harassment

In 2016 there was a national homophobia outbreak, referred to as “the crackdown”. Her office faced security threat. Renate herself has been harassed via social media and unknown calls.



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