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Omayma is a human rights defender from Egypt who focuses mainly on Freedom of Expression and promotion of arts and development. She works as an Executive Director for an organization which works on preserving the architectural culture in of a big Egyptian city and providing encouragement and support to local artists. The work of the organization included implementing a project to provide cultural spaces in several Arab countries and participation in capacity building and developing cultural work in the Arab region.

About Omayma

Human rights violations in Egypt

The current socio-political context in Egypt is extremely difficult. The crackdown on civil society is ongoing through case 173 (on foreign funding of civil society), dissolution of various NGOs in governorates outside Cairo, and the constant judicial harassment of HRDs and WHRDs based on fabricate charges, which makes it very difficult for civil society leaders to continue working. There are also extreme restraints on the freedom of expression, as over 500 websites were been blocked in Egypt.[1] Since 2014, the freedom of assembly and protesting have practically been outlawed.[2] After the last presidential elections in March 2018, the situation has further deteriorated. The elections were conducted in a undemocratic environment, and the president has been re-elected without any challenges or pressure to democratize. After the elections there has been a wave of arrests of activists that is still ongoing. Under these circumstances it is very risky and threatening to be working on human rights.



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