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Nagham is a human rights defender and journalist from the Gaza Strip. Her main role is in development training and working with journalists operating in the Gaza Strip to ensure their safety and security. In addition to this, she works with a variety of organisations advocating media freedom in the West Bank and compiles monthly and yearly reports on human rights violations perpetrated against journalists.


Human rights violations in Gaza

Press Freedom in the Gaza Strip is often restricted by both the Palestinian authorities and the Israeli Defense Forces. A law from 1995 imposes restrictions on content which criticizes Palestinian officials on the grounds that it undermines ‘national unity’. As a result, the rights of journalists working in the region to freedom of opinion, expression and association are often violated. Journalists frequently face political pressure, violence and censorship.

About Nagham

Through her work Nagham aims to make journalists operating in such dangerous conditions aware of their rights, and to enable them to better guard against violations of these rights. Due to threats Nagham received she was not able to carry out her vital work as a journalist during a very crucial period.


“I can’t always talk to my parents about the things I do. They would worry. But I’m a journalist! I can’t stand aside.”



(90-part documentary series Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem from 2010, in which young girls talk about their daily lives on both sides of the border, featuring Nagham)


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