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Musa is an experienced Human Rights Defender from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. During the height of the second intifada fifteen years ago, he started as a field worker documenting human rights violations in the West Bank. The main goal of his work is to protect human rights and demand accountability for violations. His latest project has been to document and research the fatalities and injuries in the recent wave of violence in the West Bank.

About Musa

Over a hundred Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since October 2015, many in demonstrations against the occupation.  The Israeli presence in the Palestinian Occupied Territories has led to rising tensions, violence and human rights violations against civilians. Musa works for an organisation that promotes respect for, and ensures protection of, universal human rights standards for citizens of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The research and documentation he undertakes  is used to educate both the public and policy makers in order to foster a human rights culture in Israel. Because of his work documenting human rights violations as a well-known Palestinian field researcher, Musa has faced harassments, violence and arbitrary arrest. He has often been detained for short periods by soldiers at checkpoints and his camera has been smashed or taken away by both settlers and soldiers several times.  He has been shot three times as a result of his work.

During Musa’s stay in The Netherlands he will get the chance to regain his strength and continue his work in a safe environment. His stay will offer him opportunities to share his story and to inform government officials, NGO’s and the public about the challenges he and his colleagues are facing. He will further improve skills necessary for his work as a human rights defender through training programs, and build on his social and professional network in the Nether


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