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Midhat is a Human Rights Defender from Sudan. He is as a trainer in digital and physical security, teaching Human Rights Defenders how to better protect themselves against invasions of their privacy, hackings and cyber bullying. He further trains Human Rights Defenders on how to document peaceful acts of resistance and violence against vulnerable groups through peace-building and capacity-building programs. He is currently Project Manager for the a project, which targets youth working on social change through creative means such as music and cinema. He supervises film screenings and discussions about topics such as identity, war, human rights and education. Midhat also worked on a program, through which he trained a network of young Human Rights Defenders from different Sudanese cities on documentation, monitoring, reporting, news writing and digital security.

About Midhat

Human rights violations in Sudan

In Sudan, the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly are severely restricted. The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) subjects human rights defenders, students, political activists and opposition political party members to arbitrary arrests, detention, torture and other violations.[1] The NISS has the extensive powers to arrest and detain people for up to 4,5 months without judicial review.[2] The Sudanese authorities also control civil society through bureaucratic restrictions and oversight, including interference by NISS officers in organization’s work.[3]

Threats and harassment

Since 2013 Midhat faces immense pressure from the NISS. They put him under surveillance and tried to convince him to work for them against his colleagues. After his office was raided, he was regularly summoned to the NISS offices for interrogations over a period of three months. In 2016, Midhat was imprisoned for a year.




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