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Madeeha has been working as a journalist in Sudan since 1985. She works for an organization that aims to promote press freedom and freedom of expression. Through her work she raises awareness for women’s rights, human rights and good governance. She also builds the capacity of journalists in mass media institutions, in technical skills and these human rights. Furthermore she works on partnerships between professional journalists and local reporters. By creating such partnerships, the local reporters can give first-hand information to the professional journalists about the issues in their areas.

About Madeeha

Human rights violations in Sudan

Due to the ongoing wars in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, the political situation in Sudan is very unstable. The security officials continuously restrict media by detain and harassing journalists, charging them with crimes. Also, they are confiscating editions of newspapers that published articles deemed too sensitive. Authorities confiscate both independent and pro-government newspapers, without giving any reasons.

Threats and harassment

Maheeda faces a lot of oppression and continuous charges against her, because she is fighting for human rights. Ever since 2012, Madeeha has been summoned to the court by the security and intelligence apparatus.

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