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Lucia is a human rights defender from Mexico. She is shedding light on enforced disappearances by exposing the omission of authorities and supporting families of the victims. She has founded a civil organisation which is contributing to bringing justice for the disappeared and their families. The non-profit organisation is actively seeking to uncover clandestine graves as a response to the lack of action by the authorities. Together with 100 relatives of disappeared persons, the organisation has discovered the largest clandestine grave in the past six years. Their own search continues in the face of a flawed investigative system.

About Lucia

Human rights violations in Mexico

Since 2006, over 26,000 people have been reported as disappeared and the involvement of state agents is well documented. Mexico is a party to the International Convention on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances but impunity remains the norm and those exposing state involvement become subjected to living in risk. In April 2017, a Bill on Enforced Disappearances was adopted by the Senate, but it still awaits approval from the Chamber of Deputies.


Threats and harassment

Over the past years Lucia and her colleagues have become the victim of security threats and harassment as a result of their work. In the past, several of her colleagues have been directly targeted in attacks.

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