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Louisa is the Executive Director of an organisation which promotes peace and security for African women through education on social justice, research and policy advocacy and victim/survivor intervention programmes. Louisa provides support, counselling, legal aid and referrals for medical care and shelter and in recent years she has also focused her work on encouraging female engagement in politics.

About Louisa

Human rights violations in Nigeria

Much of the domestic law in Nigeria still centres around traditional, patriarchal practices which directly discriminate against women. This is particularly prevalent  in Nigerian inheritance law, consequently many widows and their children find themselves suddenly homeless and poor while the matrimonial home is divided amongst male relatives. Such practice conflicts with Nigeria’s obligations under international law not to discriminate based on gender.

Threats and harassment

As a result of her advocacy, Louisa has received countless threats from those who regard her work as an intrusion into marriage. She has also been targeted for openly denouncing harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and widow inheritance. Her attempts to increase females participation in politics were also seen as an unwanted interference and attracted a smear of hate messages. Her internet accounts have been hacked several times and she faces threats in her daily life for teaching women to question culture.


In the media

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Louisa during the Security Training Week in The Hague (supported by the National Endowment for Democracy). [October 2018]

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