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Lookkaté is a Human Rights Defender from Thailand. She fights for the promotion of the civic and political rights of the Thai people. She is Coordinator of a group which aims to improve the democratic climate of Thailand. They monitor and report infringements of democracy and build a civil movement with youths and networking groups across the country. Through campaigning she tries to create awareness about the situation and improve information exchange on the regional and global level. Lookkaté is currently also a Master’s student.

About Lookkaté

Human rights violations in Thailand

The coup d’état of 2014 plunged Thailand into a spiral of human rights abuses. Freedom of expression is severely restricted and peaceful public gatherings have been banned, leading to hundreds of arbitrary arrests.[1] Military courts are repeatedly used to try civilians, particularly political dissidents. The military government has implemented legislative measures to control people’s actions, under the pretext of national and monarchial security.[2]

Threats and harassment

Lookkaté has become a victim of the repressive government. She was harassed during a peaceful protest and she was detained several times by states officials without a correct judicial process. Lookkaté was prosecuted by state officials in three different lawsuits. She was not allowed to meet her lawyers to fight the lawsuit and suffered physical abuse and intimidation. The continuous harassment of the repressive government has been an enormous stress factor for Lookkaté.



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