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Karen works as a human rights lawyer in Honduras. At the organisation she works for she is responsible for advocacy in Honduras. Furthermore, her mission deals with urban and sexual violence. She is currently working on the first protocol for the care of victims and survivors of sexual violence in Honduras. She has been a human rights advocate since 2007. Beside her work as a lawyers Karen also works with young feminists and works on the topic of sexual and reproductive rights. Moreover, she is involved in an organisation which seeks the decriminalization of abortion and conducts research on topics such as femicide and enforced disappearance of women and has provided legal counselling to relatives of victims.


Human rights violations in Honduras

More lawyers are murdered in Honduras than any other country in the world. The National Human Rights Commission documented 89 deaths of lawyers between 2010 and March 2015 that were a result of targeted killings. Many lawyers have suffered intimidation and attacks. Since the 2009 coup d’état, human rights violations have escalated in Honduras.  In a general context of weakening of the rule of law, all kinds of human rights defenders have been the victims of violent attacks.

About Karen

Threats and harassment

As a human rights defender in Honduras, Karen has received death threats, faces intimidation and was even beaten by the police. Many of her colleagues were killed and she is under the threat of persecution. Facing this reality, she does everything in her power to provide support to others at risk.