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José is an activist from Mexico, who is a member of the group “Siempre Vivos de Chilapa”, formed by
relatives or victims of enforced disappearance in Chilapa. Jose started an investigation to find the
people responsible for the enforced disappearances themselves, due to the lack of action by the local
authorities. He has led search groups in mass graves to look for disappeared people and also
arranged that people could go to Mexico’s capital to report the disappearance of their relatives at the
federal agency.


About José

Current climate in Mexico
Enforced disappearance keeps being a problem in Mexico. The authorities reported that 40,180
people had been registered as missing. Nevertheless, the rate of impunity is almost 100%,
though there is detailed evidence with plenty of cases. The drug cartels and security forces have
been linked to enforced disappearances.
Threats and harassments
Jose is in grave danger because of his activism. He was the leader of the investigation group for the
enforced disappearances and reported his discoveries to the media and the government. He and his
family started to get death threats after his publication from cartels.

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