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Janak is a Human Rights Defender from Nepal. He is the founder and chairperson of an organisation that is focused on justice for victims in Nepal. With his work he aims to help all categories of victims to find their voice, ensure their protection by national and international human rights and humanitarian law, establish co-existence and reconciliation in the society and fight against injustice and the culture of impunity. His organisation has petitioned government agencies and stands at the forefront of advocacy, campaigning, lobbying, and human rights capacity building projects. The organisation maintains close relations with Local Peace Committees and other stakeholders at the district level and with the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction and other stakeholders of transitional justice process, along with international community. He is engaged in advocating and lobbying for making transitional justice mechanisms more victim-centric.


About Janak

Human rights violations in Nepal 

In Nepal human rights defenders face lots of threats and difficulties due to the current socio–political situation. Even in the post-conflict context, the Nepal Army remains seen as the most powerful security entity in the country, and holds significant influence over the Nepalese government. Human rights defenders in Nepal face serious threats as the human rights crisis worsens every day.

Threats and harassment

Janak faces constant threats, intimidation and pressure from the political leadership, security personal and criminal groups due to a court case he was involved in as one of the victims. This has also attracted attention on his family and neighbours, who have been questioned about his activities.

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