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Irène is a human rights lawyer from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As a human rights lawyer she stands up for the rights of Human Rights Defenders in the DRC. She also tries to end impunity for rape perpetrators and to improve the position of army and police women.

About Irène

Irène was one of the very first Shelter City participants.

After her stay in The Hague Irène got accepted as a lawyer at the International Criminal Court (ICC). This enables her to represent victims and witnesses in cases that are being brought to the court by the DRC. During her stay she has established and maintained valuable with for example parliamentarians Marit Maij and Miciel Servaes.

In March 2016 Irène participated in the French edition of the The Hague Training Course for Human Rights Defenders (THTC). On International Women’s Day Irène was one of the speakers during the Hague Talk ‘Women Matter for Peace’, organized by Justice and Peace and RNW Media.

“Those who take risks need to be encouraged in their fight for the freedom of expression”



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