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Ileana is a freelance journalist from Nicaragua, publishing for various media outlets. During the last twenty years she has participated voluntarily with different initiatives and organizations in defense of the rights of women, children, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants. She belongs to a group of independent journalists who promote social mobilization, advocacy and campaigns in defense of freedom of expression, respect for women’s rights, non-violence, territorial law of indigenous peoples and afro-descendants, amongst others.

About Ileana

Human rights violations in Nicaragua

The government of President Daniel Ortega has begun a sweeping crackdown against the free press and activists in Nicaragua. Police and armed pro-government groups have harassed, intimidated, brutally assaulted, and arbitrarily detained several journalists since April. [1] Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands injured in Nicaragua since 18 April in what has become a popular uprising against the Central American country’s president, Daniel Ortega, and his government.[2]

Threats and harassment

Since 2007 Ileana has been facing threats, which mainly arose at the time of publications made in national media. In April 2018 a march took place in a city in Nicaragua, which ended with a police attack, killing Ileana’s colleague and friend. She communicated the tragedy through various means of national and international communication and identified the police as the main suspect for the murder of the journalist, after which Ileana has been facing the strongest threats.

In the media

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