Human rights defender


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Ibrahim’s organisation documents human rights violations and reports these violations in different regions of Sudan. He focuses on the violations of women’s rights, such as rape or harassments by the police. Furthermore, he is putting pressure on politicians to adapt laws that violate human rights and to effectively implement existing laws.

About Ibrahim

The lack of freedom of speech is another important focus in the work of Ibrahim. Currently 90% of all the newspapers is directly or indirectly in the hands of the government. This has as a result that all critical opinion articles are not being published. Ibrahim and his colleagues raise awareness about this practice on national and international level. By doing this Ibrahim and his colleagues support political parties, NGOs, activists and journalist who strive for freedom of press in South Sudan.

In South Sudan, the pressure on Human Rights Defenders has increased dramatically in recent years. Human Rights Defenders run the risk to be arrested (in and outside South Sudan). The seizure of data, controls, threats and even torture and assassinations occur regularly.


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