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Dilip is a lawyer from India, who currently works as a Legal Officer for a human rights organisation. As part of his work, Dilip provides legal advice and representation to human right defenders, civil society groups and victims of human rights violations. As a member of the indigenous Chakma community, Dilip has been an advocate of indigenous peoples rights and has been fighting discriminatory laws and policies of the Mizoram state in India. He is the founder Director of the Chakma Law Forum, which aims to provide pro bono legal services to members of the community and local organizations. Likewise, he is the president of the All India Chakma Students Union, which works for the protection of the rights of the Chakma people.


Dilip was selected for the Fellowship Programme for Human Rights Defenders in collaboration with the T.M.C Asser Institute to support his research projects on the intersection of human rights law and business, with regards to the rights of indigenous people.

About Dilip

Human rights violations in India 

A large part of the Chakma community lives in the state of Mizoram, in north-east India, which is also home of an ethnic community known as the Mizo people. Through the years, the Chakmas have faced discrimination and pressure form the Mizos, especially in the political and educational spheres[1]. For instance, the Indian Constitution establishes as a fundamental right the access to free and compulsory education to all children[2], nevertheless the Mizoram state keeps excluding the Chakmas in the implementation of the education program, which has led to the illiteracy of 52% of against 2.5% of the Mizo people[3]. Likewise, the Mizoram state has enacted a discriminatory law that denies access to higher education to students members of the Chakma community.

Threats and harassment

Dilip has received threatening calls after leading several protest movements against the discriminatory laws and policies of the Mizoram state and has been victim of digital attacks.

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