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Diana helped to found an organisation in Mexico which works alongside civil organisations and families to help track their missing loved ones. Her work includes searching media dissemination, physical searches, extensive research an coordination with forensic services. Her organisation provides workshops, seminars and conferences to help educate the public on this phenomenon.

About Diana

Human rights violations in Mexico

Kidnappings and enforced disappearances are widespread in Mexico, particularly among women. According to the National Human Rights Commission, 855 hidden graves were found in Mexico between 2007 and 2016, and only approximately half of these have been identified. Many Mexicans are extrmely dissatisfied with the methods and pace by which national authorities conduct searches and investigations.

Threats and harassment

In recent years Diana has received numerous anonymous threats warning her to cease her investigative efforts. In Mexico, Human rights defenders in particular are being increasingly targeted by attackers.

In the media

Mini-documentary about Diana, a human rights defender from Mexico. Video produced by Peace Brigades Netherlands, partner of Shelter City Utrecht.


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