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Arsène is the co-founder of an organisation which fights against marginalisation and aims to provide access to basic social services in South Kivu. His work as a human rights lawyer focuses largely on the rights of women and children in situations of conflict.

About Arsène

Human rights violations in the DRC

Government repression in the lead up to the upcoming elections has created an extremely hostile political climate in the DRC. Widespread violence rooted in this election chaos has left over 4.5 million people displaced. In addition there are also serious questions regarding the transparency of the election procedure and the stifling of the freedom of the media.

Threats and harassment

Over the past few years Arsène has faced numerous threats and harassment for highlighting the injustice of arbitrary arrests of civilians. He has been followed, received threatening phone calls and experienced trespass on his property. These threats to his own security have had undesirable effects on his ability to help victims of violence.

In the media

Change Maker Story about Arsène by Justice and Peace Netherlands:

Arsene during the Security Training Week in The Hague (supported by the National Endowment for Democracy). [October 2018]

Meeting with the Mayor of The Hague. [November 2018]

Arsene speaking during a lecture in Italy, a new International Shelter City partner. [November 2018]