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Anania works as a political journalist and human rights defender in Ethiopia. His area of work involves writing feature articles, in depth analyses, opinions, conducting interviews and participating in debates on political topics. His focus is on political undertakings of parties, governmental institutions, controversial development projects, people’s struggle for civil and democratic rights, immense violations of human rights, the deteriorating condition of stability and peace and the dwindling status of the press. Anania was one of the founding members of a forum for journalists, which was outlawed by the Ethiopian regime. Anania has been very vocal about the stifled constitutional rights of Ethiopians, the media, the hegemonic prevalence of the single-party system, the economic disparity among the society and the repercussion of an overly-ethnicized politics.

About Anania

Human rights violations in Ethiopia 

From October 2016 to August 2017, Ethiopia was under a state of emergency. The government’s emergency powers were seen as which was seen as a tool to muzzle dissent.[1] During this period, many newspapers hav been shut down by government affiliated agencies, media houses have fled the country and printing houses refused to publish controversial articles fearing the governments retaliation. Journalists are forced to choose between self-censorship, harassment and arrest, or exile.[2] At least 75 journalists have fled into exile since 2010 and many journalists and political opponents remain imprisoned under the anti-terrorism law.[3]

Threats and harassment

Anania has been repeatedly harassed, blackmailed, insulted and threatened. He has also been bombarded by anonymous phone calls and became on the victim of a physical confrontation. Anania has been imprisoned for 4 months under the state of emergency proclamation without any charge or due process of law.




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