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Alexéy is a Human Rights Defender from Russia who has worked on multiple projects that relate to LGBTI rights in Russia. He works as a volunteer for a LGBTI group which works for the universal recognition of human dignity and equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Alexéy offers psychological support to the LGBTI community and their relatives, organises events and translates texts for the organisation. He has also been involved in a project, aimed at LGBTI believers in Russia. As a news editor Alexéy explored the world news about positive changes in the attitudes of churches towards LGBTI people and shared it with the Russian audience. Furthermore, he also participates in public events to advocate for the rights of the LGBTI community. In 2015, Alexéy and his mother were filmed for a documentary which tells the stories of parents of LGBTI children who live in countries with strong anti-gay sentiment and harsh laws.

About Alexéy

Human rights violations in Russia

Russia’s anti-gay ’propaganda’ law entered into force on June 30, 2013. This law bans the dissemination among children of: “propaganda for nontraditional sexual relationships,” broadly understood to be lesbian, gay, and bisexual relationships. It implies that the identities and relations of LGBTI people are perverse and unnatural. Russia has been using the law as a tool to disrupt pro-LGBTI rights events and harass LGBTI people and their supporters. More broadly, the law is seen among human rights proponents as another way to restrict the freedoms of civil society in Russia.

Threats and harassment

As an LGBTI human rights defender Alexéy has been subjected to threats. In a country with a strong anti-gay sentiment and anti-gay legislation, he faces discrimination in the public domain and has been arrested during a public event, which are now deemed as illegal by the Russian authorities. As a result, he faced several trials. While the situation for LGBTI people worsens in Russia, Alexéy feels less and less able to change the situation in Russia.