Shelter City guest Daniel gives presentation at Haags Montessori Lyceum

On Wednesday the 15th May, Justice and Peace were invited to the Haags Montessori Lyceum to give a talk to around 120 young students with the help of our new Shelter City guest!

Daniel, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, gave an enlightening talk about the current state of human rights in the country. He discussed the ongoing conflict problems in the East of the country with over 130 armed groups, with widespread practices of torture, slavery and the use of child soldiers. He went deeper into the causes of the conflict such as land disputes, cultural conflict, the fragility of democratic space, and bad governance and corruption.

During this presentation the students were confronted with some rather hard-hitting facts and figures: that since 1998 over 6 million have been killed in the East of the DRC; at least 70% of the population with no access to healthcare, drinking water, electricity, sufficient food, or decent housing; and at least 60% of children have no access to education. This was particularly shocking to the students, especially given that only a handful said that they had ever heard of the country.

Our presentation featured as part of the school’s programme on human rights and democracy, where secondary school students are taught about human rights in a variety of contexts around the world. We are extremely happy to be part of this wonderful initiative and to provide insight into the essential work done by individual change makers and human rights defenders throughout the globe, such as Daniel.

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