Shelter City guest Dilip gives presentations at Alfrink College

In a world where human rights are constantly violated and human rights defenders often find themselves at risk, it is important to educate young people on these pressing matters and impulse young minds towards the fight for human rights in many different parts of the world. Shelter City is working on a project with this exact purpose, Shelter City School which will launch in 2020. Shelter City School is an effort for students to engage with human rights defenders and become more aware of the many human rights issues that are very present in today’s society.

On the 14th of October, current shelter city The Hague guest Dilip went to the Alfdrink college in Zoetermeer, where he gave several talks to students from ages 12-15 about his work as a human rights defender and the history and challenges of the Chakma community in India.

Dilip started by explaining how the Chakma community came to form part of one of India’s minority indigenous groups. He also explained the structural discrimination that Chakmas suffer, being denied education and targeted by local criminal groups. When asked why he got involved with defending human rights Dilip also expanded on his personal story and how he had to flee his village at a young age because most of it was burned down, but later on, worked hard to become a lawyer and work for his community. The students were very good listeners and seemed engaged in Dilip’s story, asking good questions and approaching him after the talks.

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