Interview with Dilip Chakma

Earlier this month the Asser Institute, a professional inter-university center of knowledge and research (and Shelter City partner), interviewed The Hague’s current human rights defender Dilip Chakma. During the interview, Dilip had the opportunity to talk about his work in India as a lawyer, and member of the Chakma community, he spoke about the discrimination that indigenous groups suffer at a social, legal and political level, and how he works on creating awareness of the situation.

In recent years, however, we have managed to raise the issue of discrimination towards the Chakma community by the government.

Dilip also talks about his goals as a fellow at the Asser Institute, he is currently researching the impact of business on human rights and he is focusing on land grabbing and land acquisition by the state and large corporations in indigenous territories.

Read more about Dilip’s interview here.